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Sell U

Strategic Persuasion’s Sell U is designed for those who are preparing to be interviewed.  Interviewing In Third Person is a unique and successfully proven approach with proven techniques. The program enables the candidate to navigate an interview with relevance and confidence.

Benefit from over 25 years of experience on “both sides” of the interaction.  Sell U targets how to prepare for and perform in an effective and efficient fashion while taking into account the interviewer’s needs and mission.

  • Receive certified classroom instruction versus trying to learn from a book or by trial and error

  • Learn a winning unique approach

  • Learn to master the psychology of the moment

  • Learn how to make every second count

  • Learn how to target every aspect of the interaction

  • Gain the competitive edge

  • Maximize your effectiveness in an efficient manner

Get the Job

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Discover how you and/or your organization will benefit from this exciting program!!!

Sell U helped me obtain my perfect job with the firm of choice.  I am also using the techniques in other aspects of my position.  Thanks!

- Attorney at Law, Richmond VA

This approach is not found in books.  Thank you so much for giving me the tools and game plan to finally secure my dream job!

- Project/Process Manager, Fortune 500

Sell U gave me the insight and confidence to land my appointment. Your face-to-face instruction was much more powerful than trying to learn on my own by reading manuals.

- Cadet, US Air Force Academy

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