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Strategic Persuasion’s Pro-Suasion is designed for professionals whose successes are dependent on their ability to get others to follow ideas and/or actions.  The program provides unique and successfully proven approaches with proven techniques relative to the spoken and written word.  Pro-Suasion also enables the professional to navigate an interaction to the desired outcome with relevance and confidence.

Benefit from over 25 years of experience in studying, practicing and training others in the art of influence.  Pro-Suasion teaches strategic skills and competencies regarding how to start with a goal and lead others to it. The program also teaches how to deliver persuasive communications in an efficient, effective and professional fashion.

  • Receive professional, face to face training for professionals

  • Learn to sell prescribed actions to others

  • Learn to efficiently and effectively influence

  • Learn to create, recognize and use “buy in”

  • Learn to master the psychology of the interaction

  • Learn to facilitate a self desired outcome with individuals and groups

  • Learn to properly balance dialogue with logic versus emotion

Call today for a free consultation regarding Pro-Suasion. Discover how you, your career and/or your organization will benefit from this exciting program!!!

---Attention Professionals---

You have spent a lot of time and money learning your trade.
OK, you're a professional...
You've earned it!

But what good is all of that knowledge
if you can't get others to "buy in" to
your ideas and/or your prescribed actions???
Let us help you get the most from your investment.

Start Actively Influencing…NOW!!!

I am using these skills in easily over 75% of what I do daily.  Getting others to agree is no longer a mystery.

- Attorney at Law, Washington DC

This should be taught in law school.  My future in this business is directly tied to my ability to persuade in a variety of ways for a variety of situations!

- Attorney at Law, Richmond VA

I have a BA degree in Communications. My Persuasion courses for that major did not cover the practical applications found in Pro-Suasion.  Thanks for the "how to"!

- Entrepreneur, Glen Allen VA

Call Strategic Persuasion and let us help you

Start Actively Influencing…NOW!!!


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