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About SP

Experience Where It Counts

Strategic Persuasion programs are derived from a blend of traditional, fundamental persuasion/influence theories with over 14 years of specialization in retail and call center operations management for Fortune 500 companies as well as over 25 years in analyzing, creating, developing, training and executing top grade interviewing, customer experience, sales, persuasion and leadership campaigns.

“These programs will provide the student with real actionable tools and insight that will serve as a solid foundation for the ongoing development of skills and competencies.  We do not teach one to beat on desks, chant and temporarily feel good.  We teach people how to get results. 
                                           – M. Moore

Teaching That Optimizes Learning

Strategic Persuasion seminars, seminettes, training, coaching and consulting efforts are all performed in face to face, human to human settings (live and webinar). 

“Online Tutorials and Computer Based Training modules (CBTs) have their place.  The topics and related skills we teach truly require real-time interaction and feedback between the student and the source. 
                                           – M. Moore

Michael Moore
Strategic Persuasion LLC



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