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Building EMPIRES

Strategic Persuasion’s Building EMPIRES is designed for those who are responsible for driving and sustaining performance results through an organization.  The program is built on the key concepts of: “motivation through empowerment”, “improving skill”, “inspiring will”, “acting as an owner” and “what’s in it for me”.  Building EMPIRES is comprised of five dynamic products: Dream Cultures, Dream Teams, Train U, Coach U and Lead M.

Benefit from over 14 years of specialization in Building EMPIRES within Fortune 500 companies and over 25 years in analyzing, developing and executing successful performance driving campaigns.  Building EMPIRES targets how to prepare for, take action and sustain performance in an effective and efficient fashion while maximizing the organization’s intellectual and human capital.

  • Unlock the secrets of building a winning culture

  • Gain the skills needed for building winning teams

  • Learn how to build professional organizational training and coaching skills as well as competencies

  • Discover how to build, enable and execute true leadership skills as well as competencies

  • Maximize productivity and innovation by replacing entitlement with empowerment

Great empires are not built in a day. 
It takes time, patience, commitment and
the right skills/competencies for the right people.
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Fixing our associate entitlement problems by replacing them with associate empowerment has been the fundamental key to our success.  Thanks!  

- Senior Managment,  Fortune 500

This is a successful program.  The approach is solid and exportable to other areas of the company.  Very Strong!

- Director, Fortune 500

Our management team became a leadership team. We learned through this program that the collective effort could achieve far greater results than the efforts of the individuals acting alone. 

- Middle Management, Fortune 500

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