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Boutique It

Strategic Persuasion's Boutique It is designed for those needing to sell.  The program provides a unique and successfully proven approach to the art of sales with proven techniques.  The program also teaches how to make one’s surroundings part of the winning sales strategy.

Benefit from over 25 years of “being in the trenches” experience.  Boutique It targets how to perform in an effective and efficient fashion by teaching how to sell with relevance, confidence, a purpose and a plan.

  • Learn how to sell professionally

  • Learn how to optimize every aspect of the interaction

  • Learn to master the psychology of the moment

  • Learn how to truly maneuver through objections

  • Learn how to discover the need/want, present real value as well as build, earn, use and keep trust

  • Learn how to let your surroundings help you boost your profits

  • Learn how to sell anything including Extended Service Plans

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Take your customer out of the market before someone else does. 
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This is exactly what I needed.  Now I am actually able to steer my customers to items with higher margins and add on sales are up! 

- Local Merchant, Richmond VA

First month post seminar - My comp sales were up a bad economy!  I believe! Thanks!

- Local Merchant, Southern AZ

I used to detest having to deal with sales people.  Now that I am one… a great one by the way, I can honestly say that I only detest having to deal with bad sales people.  Thanks for giving me the tools and the path to success!

- Sales Associate, Major US Retailer  

The principles and techniques in this program gave me the skills I needed as a rookie to make huge commissions out of the gate.  The training was definitely more effective than trying to learn this from a book or a seminar in a box.

- Real Estate Agent, Richmond VA





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