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Welcome to
Strategic Persuasion LLC. 

What we do... Simply put, we specialize in helping others drive results by training how to efficiently and effectively use persuasion in a variety of professional and personal settings.  

We primarily target the areas of...

  • influencing communications
  • strategy setting
  • action planning
  • operational execution 

Our live training, coaching and consulting programs offer exceptional values for any budget and...
we come to you!

We service individuals to large corporations in a wide variety of applications.

Call us now for a free consultation!


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* Sell U
- Interviewing in Third Person
- Working the Network
- The Professional You on Paper

* Boutique It
- Profit U
- Profit Box
- Customer Experience
- Hospitality

* Pro-Suasion
- Persuasion For Professionals
* CallMax
- C4 (Call Center Call Control)
- Arrival One (Staffing and Call Patterns)
- Cross Sell U

* Building EMPIRES
- Dream Culture
- Dream Teams
- Trainer U
- Coach U
- Lead M

* It's All About Life
- Driving Career for Living Life
- Intra-Personal Planning

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